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Start an Online Home-based Business with these 13 Principles

These are timeless principles that quite applicable today similar as they were 70 years ago when Mr. Hill devised them as a result of over 20 years of researching the behavior of over 500 successful men. We will explore each principle as it relates to start an online home-based business. I like to akin them to the Laws of Nature “some things just don’t change.”

My intent of this blog post is to empower with the mindset you need to take control of your destiny by starting an online home-based business. Additionally, I will list these principles summarize them in a few sentences and later as I go thru each chapter elaborate on them in more depth.

Let’ not forget the introduction where he talks about “Thoughts are Things” he stated that a desire is an “impulse of thought” and when you mix definiteness of purpose and persistence with that burning desire or predominate thought that is when the translation into reality takes place otherwise known as physical manifestation.

The 13 Principles of Success

Is it something you want and do you have a “Know matter what” attitude to acquire it? Well, if that is the case you have a burning desire to achieve your goal or destiny.
The author is said faith is an emotion and a state of mind. It is one of the most powerful of all the major positive emotions. Since Faith is a state of mind it my be created or develop with affirmation or auto-suggestions by instructing the subconscious.
Is self-administered communication that is receive via the 5 senses and affection the subconscious mind. When you speak affirmations (autosuggestion) it is hear and goes into your subconscious mind to make it reality.
Specialized Knowledge
In some cases we may not have the skills to say for instance to start an online home-based business. Therefore, we should acquire the skill set and then set out with a plan of action toward achieve a definite goal. You may need to acquire my training informal or formal.
Mr. Hill said, “Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe he can achieve.” It has been said that our imagination is the workshop where all our plans are created.
Organized Planning
In this chapter the author talks about having a written plan in order to achieve your goal.
The “P” word has to be conquered – Procrastination!!! As leaders we have to make sound decisions and stick to them not being too quickly to change our minds. Collect all the information as soon as possible look at best, worst, and most likely results and then decide what you need to do.
Persistence is a state of mind and can be developed. You have to stand your ground in some cases and not cave in when things does not appear to be working for you. Remember, that person or business connection could be right around the corner but if you quit you want turn the corner to me him or her.
Power of the “Master Mind”
The author is talking about “two heads are better than one” he just say get a group of like- minded individuals and you all work together in a spirit of harmony and cooperation to achieve your goals. He said the group will generate a lot of good ideas.

The Mystery of Sex Transmutation
The author may have been stating with this principle is to have a happy and harmonious personal life. This is for men and women leaders.
The Subconscious Mind
Your subconscious mind is always at work. You must regular imagine yourself achieving your goal or destiny in life. Picture it in your mind put strong emotions and desire with it, believing or having faith it has already happened. You are just waiting for the physical manifestation.
The Brain
Your Brain control you entire body. It is the “head” and your mind is connected to your physical brain. The mind is the conscious and subconscious part of the brain.

The 6th Sense
This is the creative imagination of the subconscious mind. It is how the infinite intelligence communicate with you. It is where ideas, thoughts and plans flash and it does not take an effort on our part for this to happen. It is usually a hunch or impulse and if you do not write it down it will be soon forgotten.

Looking at the above summary we have a lot of ground to cover; however, it should be a life changing journey as you develop the mindset to start an online home-based business. I realize you may not be able to implement all 13 of the Success principles but if you just keep them and mind when planning to purse your goals you should see a vast improvement.

More importantly, always remember “thoughts are things” so constantly dwell on positive thoughts and immediately cancel all negative ones. I recently learned the following and it’s something I always keep it in mind: if you want to know what type of thoughts are going thru your mind – ask yourself how you are feeling? If you are feeling up-beat, energetic and have a “can do” attitude most likely the predominate thoughts going thru your mind are positive. On the other hand, if you are feeling down, low energy and or just “can’t get it together;” you guessed it your predominant thoughts may be negative. Remember these thoughts are on a conscious and subconscious level.

Well that concludes start an online home-based business 13 principles I hope you enjoyed reading it as must as I enjoyed writing it. See you on the next post.

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