Promote Home-based Business Using Social Media

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Social Media is Here to Stay!!!

Promote Home-based Business Using Social Media

Promote Home-based Business Using Social Media: In starting a Networking business from home you have to be single-minded. Meaning you have to be productive when conducting your daily business tasks. One of the main tasks you want to do is get your prospect to listen to your Business Overview. However, in order to make that happen there are a few activities that has to be done. They are generating targeted leads; prospecting them; then, sending them to your Business Overview; and finally closing (enrolling) them. This is all done thru our online marketing system and from the comfort of your home.

Let’s look at Social Media and how it is an excellent method of generating leads to prospect for your business. However, please bear in mind social media is primarily for developing, listening strengthening and renewing relationships among your social media friends and family (followers). Remember, the principles of effective social media are listening, caring, sharing, empathy, and finding common ground. Listening is key because someone my mention an issue they are facing and you may be able to provide them with a solution by using your product or service.
When setting up your social media sites; do not forget to put your website link in your profile and or in your content; by doing so you can generate traffic to your website.
Below are seven social media networking platform that will briefly discussed:


Facebook is by far the largest social networking site. It has over 1 billion people worldwide that stay connected. There is a personal and business page. Users follow or subscribe to “friends” on their personal Facebook page. The users can like, poke or comment on their virtual friend’s page. Facebook also have a Fan Page for your business accounts. This is an extremely good networking platform to set up for your home-based business. It is geared more towards acquiring customers or business partners. Post entertaining, content ask questions for the best response. Be sure to post interesting articles about content people can use; information that will make a difference. Other users “Like” your content while visiting your page.

Twitter is a micro blogging social site. The user is limited to 140 characters per post. You can “Tweet” your content out and your subscribers or “followers” can “retweet” it into the twitter sphere. Any news breaking event can be found on Twiitter feed. Monitor Twitter and look for any conversation that may interest you. Then, provide your thoughts on the matter and become a “Thought Leader”. It is an extremely fast moving site so you have to monitor it closely.

Linkedin is a business social networking site unlike the other social media sites. Many people have received employment and business opportunities by posting their profile, reviewing various sites and engaging in conversation on Linkedin. It is a Business to Business and a Business to Consumer site. It is oriented more towards business – profit and non-profit matters. It is an excellent social site to network to enhance your business or non-profit organization.

Google+ is similar to Facebook except rather than following “friends” you add them to your group called “Circle” and users like content by selection “+1”. It is slightly more business oriented than Facebook. Google+ is excellent for content since it is owned by goole your content will receive more Search Engine Optimization (SEO). It is a perfect social networking site to use if you would like your content to be found.

Instagram is a visual site. You post photos and video to share significant events. More than 150 million user network on this platform and it is an easy and fun way to share life events.

Pinterest is a wonderful social networking site for images. Instagram and Pinterest are the two visual social network tools. However, Pinterest allow users to “pin” or bookmark post that interest them. This allows the user to create a collection of post with images that can be “repined” by their followers to their board. The concept is similar to when you pin a note to a corkboard with stick pin. The key to Pinterest is quality images and with useful content. A few good examples of using Pinteret are Images of food along with the Recipes; photos of products you sell pinned with your review. Have your follower to “repin” your pin.

Youtube is a video-sharing site like goggle+ is owned by goggle; therefore, it is an extremely important social media networking site if you want your content found on the worldwide web this is certainly a site to use. Set up a YouTube channel and start sharing your videos. Ensure your videos are educataining; it is educational but also entertaining. You will surly reap the benefits of using this platform since 4 billion videos are watched every day. Your videos will be among the 4 billion being watched.

Now go make some virtual friends or connect with friends and family thru social media and engage one another in conversation and share amazing photos. The internet has made the world much smaller you can just as easily connect with someone in China verses someone next door. Browse thru photos of family and friends and their post and content; catch up with what has been happening in their life.

If you are ready to start your own home-based business using social media to promote it simply contact me and we can get you started. We will do all our marketing online thru the internet – location the people who are looking for us, globally. The entire world via the internet becomes your market. You are limitless not confined to your friends and family or your small hometown to grow your business.

Peace and Blessings

Well that concludes Promote Home-based Business Using Social Media.  I hope you enjoyed reading as much as I enjoyed writing it. We are in the information age and Social Media will continue to grow. Therefore, I just have one question for you: if you do not have an account, yet; what are you waiting for? See you on the next post!

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