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This is the Second Phase of Team Empowered to Win Three Phase approach to achieving your Heart Desire:

The objective of the Membership Phase of Empower to Win is to assistant you in shifting your conscious awareness to better health. I will share the approach I used to improve my health which is a Holistic Systematic approach. I did not just change one area in my life I chose to make a few fundamental changes, i.e. my drinking water – alkaline oxygen rich; food – more raw or steam vegetables and fruits; personal care products – natural; and household cleaning products – non toxic, chemical free.

This is not to say my holistic path is the right path or the only path. There are many paths that can lead to a healthy, energetic and vibrant life. This just happens to be  the path I use and that works for me. This Holistic Systematic approach allow me to maintain a healthy, high energy yet well balanced lifestyle and it takes into account my entire body not just one area.

There are three ways our body (cellular system) is exposed to toxins. These toxins have the capability of creating free radical which can lead to allergic reaction and degenerative diseases, i.e. asthma, cancer, high blood pressure diabetes, heart disease, etc. They are:

1) Digesting processed hormone injected, chemical-laced and Genetically Modified Organism (GMO) food, i.e. processed and fast foods; drinking chemical-based tap and bottled water – chlorine, fluoride, lead, pharmaceuticals and many of these contaminates have been added to our water system;

2) Breathing polluted air (especially indoor) with all the toxic household products we use that evaporate into the air; and finally

3) Using chemical based personal care products and cosmetics, we absorb these toxins thru our pores into the bloodstream right to our cells.
My expectation for you is you chose a natural holistic path and begin your journey to a longer, healthier, more vibrant life.

This information is priceless, I say that because it has the ability to change your life especially your health, if you will simply apply it.

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We created this portion of the process for those who are in the transitional phase of the process. You may take a little longer to make the transition of creating life-long residual income and nevertheless still have financial obligations.

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