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This is the First Phase of Team Empowered to Win Three Phase approach to achieving your Heart Desire:

Thank you and Welcome to Empowered to Win “Readers Can be Leaders” Blog Series. We at Empowered to Win believe that when you read you expand your consciousness and that can assist you in becoming a Leader particularly a “Thought Leader.” You may ask- what is a Thought Leader? Well, I’m glad you asked. A Thought Leader is someone who thinks outside the proverbial “Box”, someone who comes up with creative ideas. S/he is not one who follows the masses. Simply, this person is different and “I pride myself on being different” someone who creates their own destiny with their thoughts. Moreover, we here at Team Empowered to Win believe one of the best methods of becoming a Thought Leader is thru reading Self-help and/or Personal Development books.

My hope is by reading these life changing books you will be empowered to realize “as within so without” meaning your state of mind determines your present and your future circumstance/situation. Furthermore, it is my aim that you will realize that you are not powerless that you can bring about positive change in your life so you can live your Dream and/or accomplish your goals. Simply put –You are “Empowered to Win”.

The purpose of this blog series is to raise the readers’ consciousness by introducing to some and bring back to the memory of others these positive, energetic, creative and life changing Self-help books. We will discover how to change directions in life for the better by applying some of the concepts suggested by the authors. Furthermore, we will elaborate on how a person can change negative or non productive behavior into positive resulting in changing the course of their life. The authors of these books grapple with core issues pertaining to our subconscious mind. They explain why we act the way we do by addressing our thoughts, beliefs and words.

We will use a Three Phase process to achieving your Heart Desire. You are currently in the first phase – raising your conscious awareness by applying some the concepts in the self-help and or personal development books we will be reviewing.

In this blog series I will summarize approximately five best selling Self-help and or Personal Development books one chapter at a time. Each summary will have an Introduction, Ten points from the chapter and a Conclusion.

It is my hope you the reader will obtain a copy of the book and follow along with me. Please feel free to share your comments, stories or simply an aha moment at the end of the post. However, the most important item I would like for you to do is apply a few of these principles to your life and observe the positive results as you truly become Empowered To Win!!!

So fasten your seat belts and get ready for an exciting ride with Team Empowered to Win. We truly do believe “Readers Can be Leaders” and it is our intention to assist our readers in becoming great Leaders.

The format I will use thru out these series is I will blog one chapter at a time. Each summary will have an Introduction, Ten points from the chapter and a Conclusion.

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Our intention creates our reality”   Wayne Dyer
When you set an intention, when you commit, the entire universe conspires to make it happen”        Sandy Forster